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2019 New Music Biennial

It's a real honour to be chosen as one of the PRS Foundation's composers for their upcoming festival in London and Hull.

I'm really proud to be working with JW3 and the amazing Jacqueline Nicholls, creating a new suite of music for the Spike Orchestra.

There's so much to this that I'm excited by, firstly though the opportunity to gather together my some of my favourite musicians and write for them is always the most inspiring inception. 

We'll be premiering the work on the Southbank on July 7th, playing it again at Hull Truck Theatre in Hull on the 14th then reconvening in October at JW3 for some epic shows featuring ALL of this work, some of our Masada hits and a new project I'm beyond excited about.

Please check in with our social media for more regularly updated posts.

Tickets for the Purcell rooms are HERE

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