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"The British band has done a terrific job at exerting its own polystylistic personality and honouring the composers spirit"

Downbeat June 2016

"The Spike Orchestra fuses klezmer with surf rock in an oddly resonant admixture, run through the apparatus of a jazz big band."

New York Times

Playlist March 16 2018


"The Spike Orchestra, a 16-piece ensemble, evokes many things, including Charles Mingus’s large-group jazz, surf-rock, and klezmer music."

Wall Street Journal


Jazzword Gulgoleth review

January 2020


London Jazz News JW3 Spike/Orchestra Gulgoleth Live

January 2020

Gulgoleth review The Music & The Myth

November 2019

Jewish Chronicle Sam Eastmond interview

September 2019

Masada Book Three Avant Music News

July 2018

Beri'ah Masada Book Three Interview 

April 2018 The Music & The Myth

Cerberus review All About Jazz

December 2016 Phill Barnes

Something Else October 2016

Sam Eastmond interview Sammy Stein

Ghetto Review Jazz in Europe 2015 Sammy Stein

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